Established in 1971

About DiGioia Construction

Established in 1971, DiGioia Construction has since been Owned & Operated by Dominic DiGioia. As America evolves, we do the same by keeping up with trends, learning about the latest pool technology, and maintaining an honest reputation throughout the years.

Who We Are
DiGioia Construction Co. Inc. was founded on a opportunity of becoming a expert pool provider. As a teenager Dominic DiGioia had different jobs, but the one he fell in love with was pools. He started working for a pool company and within a few months time, was advised to become a sub-contractor. This prompted him to start DiGioia Construction Co. He enjoys building pools so much that he stuck with it all these years as his chosen profession.

His son BJ, also a dedicated pool professional, started at the age of 2. Holding tape measures and sight sticks, helping his dad layout pools, was his introduction to the business. By 3, he was accompanying his dad in the machine, helping with the excavation.

BJ, who today, is a husband and father of 5, enjoys the pool industry just as much as his dad. These days he is in charge of most aspects of the business.

By choosing DiGioia Construction Co. Inc., you will be choosing a family that loves the work and is dedicated to customer satisfaction.