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Pool Cleaners

Prowler® 720 Robotic In-ground Pool Cleaner
By Pentair Water Pool and Spa®

The Kreepy Krauly® Prowler® 720 is the computer controlled, programmed cleaner that provides on-demand cleaning, totally independent of your pool circulation system, without running pumps.

Features include:
• Dual pressure-wash jets and powerful vacuum action lift sand, silt and algae off the pool floor and walls— including surface pores where brushes can’t reach.
• Internal filtration system removes contaminants and bacteria as small as two microns.
• Auto-reverse feature prevents hang-ups in corners and by steps and ladders for continuous cleaning performance.
• Cleans any size, shape and type of standard residential pool in just 60-90 minutes.
• Fully automatic—no installation, booster pump, or hoses.

An Eco Select™ Brand Product
As part of the Eco Select™ brand, the Kreepy Krauly Prowler 720 robotic cleaner is an eco-friendly, energy saving equipment choice from Pentair Water Pool and Spa®.