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Pool Pumps

IntelliFlo® VS+SVRS
Intelligent Variable Speed Pump
By Pentair Pool Products®

The IntelliFlo® VS+SVRS variable speed pump is the revolutionary way to reduce energy costs and provide the safest possible pool environment. This “intelligent” pump can cut the pool portion of utility bills up to 90%, saving you hundreds of dollars per year and thousands over its life. On the safety front, this pump features a built-in Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) that senses drain blockage and automatically shuts the pump off to provide an important layer of protection against entrapment.

The Costly Drawbacks of Traditional Pumps
Traditional pool pumps have offered a limited number of single-speed and two-speed designs. Their motor speeds are set and unchangeable. These set speeds are almost always higher than required, thereby overpowering the jobs they are assigned to do, which wastes energy. What’s more, these pumps rely on induction motors that are notorious energy hogs. In fact, even so-called “energy efficient” pumps can cost more to operate than almost all other home appliances combined. Pump-related electric costs typically total hundreds of dollars per year—and often more than $1,000 in areas with the highest energy rates. With all this in mind, turn the page to learn about a revolutionary change in pump technology…and discover the most valuable and responsible addition you can make to your pool.
High Performance Pump
By Pentair Pool Products®

The SuperFlo® pump is a product of more than 40 years of innovative hydraulic engineering. The result is an ability to move more water more efficiently for lower operating cost and super-quiet operation. Plus, by performing with less effort, there's simply less wear and tear—and that means longer life for a higher return on your pump investment.

• With ½ HP – 2½ HP, and single- and two-speed options, there’s a perfect match to your application and assurance of minimum energy consumption.
• Cam and Ramp™ lid locks in place with a quarter-turn.
• Heavy-duty, high service factor 56 square flange motor for long life… commercial grade at a consumer price.
• Quiet operation due to superior internal flow design that reduces hydraulic noise.
• See-through lid permits easy inspection of strainer basket.
• SuperFlo is a direct…and superior…replacement for the Hayward® Super Pump®.